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March 13, 2017

Spring Chicken: The 10 Dietary Habits of Highly Successful Agers

Preston Estep
Preston Estep Ph.D. Photo by Dina Rudik.

The Interaction Between Genes and Diet In Healthy Aging
Everybody knows or has heard of a remarkably long-lived person. Many have lived independently into their hundreds and passed away without experiencing the extreme debility we usually associate...


April 26, 2016

Healthcare 2.0

We live in a complex modern world. Within this complex world lies another one that is most dear and personal to us, but also worries us. I’m talking about our present and future health.

We are spending our way to bankruptcy treating modern diseases. Despite that extraordinary spending and the rapidly progressing caliber of our people and technology, modern disease rates are climbing seemingly beyond our reach. Not even the United States, the most technologically advanced society in...


February 15, 2016

This is the future. And it’s here today.

We are all hopeful for a better and brighter future. All too often, we are promised a future with new whiz-bang technologies that will make our lives easier, better, and more efficient. From hover boards to self-driving cars (what happened to flying cars?) to a cancer-free world. But, most of the time, the future doesn’t come fast enough. And when it does, it tends to be far from the perfection we imagined. 

For a while now, we have been promised the $1,000 genome, something that not...


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