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Live as healthily as possible by learning about your genetics and making smarter choices.

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Our genes are not deterministic, but they do play an important part in our health. Here are some questions we get often:

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​What will I learn in my report?

​What will I learn in my report?

myGenome whole genome sequencing covers not only genes accessible by next generation sequencing, but also non-coding regions of your DNA. Over 90% of clinically important genetic variants are in non-coding regions. We cover all known disease-related pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants in your genome. Your report will include interpretation on variants identified in many genes in your genome for which there is known clinical significance. Please note that although whole genome sequencing has been performed, report interpretation is only provided for pathogenic and likely pathogenic variants identified in your genome, as well as pharmacogenomics and 50+ selected lifestyle trait variants.

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​How will you help my doctor use my genetic information?

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​How will you help my doctor use my genetic information?

The Veritas myGenome report is designed to assist healthcare providers to understand and use your information to help personalize health monitoring and preventive strategies for you. Our clinical team is available for consultation with your physician if there are any further questions or to assist your physician in interpreting the report results.

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​Will I get specific genetic information with my results?

​Will I get specific genetic information with my results?

Yes. If a harmful gene variant (a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant) is identified, we will provide a summary of the health condition along with a description of the associated gene and the variant identified. Your report will also include notable conditions for which you were not found to be at an increased risk, your pharmacogenomic results, as well as trait descriptions with the associated genes and/or specific variant ID(s). For certain conditions, we will also include actionable recommendations for you and your healthcare provider to help you manage or reduce your health risks. Always consult your doctor for any health-related decisions.

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​What health conditions and traits do you report on?

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​What health conditions and traits do you report on?

We report on many health conditions and traits for which there is clinical evidence and that are largely attributed to genetic factors. You can learn more about lists of conditions and traits on the myGenome product information page.


Why sequence your whole genome?

Sequencing your genome is a journey. Your journey. And, while genes are not deterministic, the more you know, the more proactive you can be about your health. 

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Your report will include useful information on disease risk, genetically-influenced drug reactions and other data that will help you plan for the future.

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You are not alone. Our genetic counselors help people like you every day. They will guide you through your next steps. 

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As research unlocks new information about genetics, we can refer back to your genome again and again. It is a resource for life. 

"I want to be on the vanguard, I am empowering myself by learning about my genes and making health decisions based on my personal genetics."

— Larry, 47, San Diego, Veritas Customer


"Yes, we explain how your genes may impact your risk, but also how this knowledge can help you live healthier and longer lives."

— Rebecca Hodges, Senior Genetic Counselor 


"I wanted to know if there is anything down the track that might catch me by surprise or that I should look for."

— William Trubridge, 37, 18x World Record Holder, Freediving Champion


Get the most comprehensive
genetic testing service there is.

Make more informed decisions about your health, learn about your ancestry, and much more.

“myGenome gives us the opportunity to be proactive and make decisions to optimize our lives, avoid disease, and hopefully achieve longevity.” 

– Keith A. MD, Veritas Customer

Best For

  • If you want to learn about your disease risks, drug sensitivities, and what you may pass on to your kids.
  • If you want our team to look even deeper into your cancer and cardiovascular risks, and carrier conditions.
  • If you have a complex medical history or symptoms suggestive of a genetic condition, and want to learn about possible genetic causes.