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Media Kit

The Genome Company

We are well aware of the media’s need to cover a wide range of subjects under very tight deadlines so we have pulled together the tools you may need to capture Veritas, quickly and accurately. If you would like to schedule an interview with one of our executives or have questions, please email us at

Here's where you can find our company overview, leadership information, product overviews, and many more downloadable assets for your reference.

Veritas Headquarters Thumbnail
  • Company Overview

Learn more about what makes us tick.

Veritas Leadership Thumbnail
  • Leadership Team

Meet our band of smart and fearless leaders.

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  • Advisory Board

Meet our medical and scientific experts.

Veritas Products Thumbnail
  • Products

All the nitty gritty product details.

Veritas Partners Thumbnail
  • Partners

We couldn't do this alone. Meet some of our partners.

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  • Cinema Veritas Series

These educational videos won't put you to sleep.