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Get the most comprehensive genetic testing service there is.

Now for a historically low price, you can make informed decisions about your health, learn about your ancestry, and much more.

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How is our DNA test different from 23andme?

We get this one all the time.

That’s sort of like asking how a sports car is different from a tricycle. They really are two completely different things. Here is a visual comparison.

mygenome 23andme whole genome sequencing dna genetic test

What are the limitations of whole genome sequencing?

Every technology has its limitations. This short video explains the limitations of WGS, which uses a technology called Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS).

What can I learn from sequencing my genome?

You will learn about your genetic disease risks, drug sensitivities, and what conditions you may pass on to your children, plus get insights on your unique traits and ancestry.

Your genome is your personal health baseline. It tells the whole story of your DNA, not just a tiny fraction. It’s a powerful, lifelong resource that can help you make more informed decisions about your health now and in the future. It can provide vital information that affects not just you, but also your family.

Veritas looks for DNA variants in hundreds of genes associated with hundreds of conditions in multiple disease groups (see our Gene-Disease List). We provide you with the most up-to-date explanations about how those variants can affect your health and in what ways they may be actionable, like through changes in nutrition and lifestyle, medical intervention and screenings, or heightened attention. We give meaning to your DNA by connecting it with opportunities to reduce your risk or improve your outcomes. Alternatively, we give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing we did not find an increased risk for a specific condition.

See below for some examples of how you can take action with myGenome, or click here for more detailed resources. And if you want to hear what some of our happy customers have to say, check out these testimonials.

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Choose from Three

Expert Interpretation Services


You want to be proactive
about your health,

learn about your disease risks,
drug sensitivities, and what
you may pass on to your kids.

Insights on 200+ conditions
selected on the basis of
actionability and ACMG 59

including 40+ carrier conditions

Review of clinically-actionable
findings with a genetic counselor

NEW! 15 diseases included
in Veritas Risk panel

Genetic results informing drug sensitivities

50+ traits related to
nutrition, longevity and more

by region



 You want to be proactive
about your health

and want our team to look
even deeper into your cancer
and cardiovascular risks,
and carrier conditions.

Insights on 650+ conditions
selected on the basis of
actionability and ACMG 59

including 225+ carrier conditions



($1000 to upgrade if you have
already purchased myGenome Standard)

Currently Not Available


You have a complex
medical history

or symptoms suggestive of
a genetic condition, and want
to learn about the possible
underlying genetic causes.

Insights on the relevant
condition (including
ACMG 59 genes)

Clinical expert panel review

Diagnostic interpretation (available for adults & children, more details HERE)



($2000 if you have already purchased myGenome Standard or Premium)

Currently Not Available
(Prices listed are applicable to U.S. only.)