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myGenome Diagnostic

The Genome Company

myGenome with Diagnostic Interpretation is a genetic test that utilizes Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) with diagnostic interpretation to help identify a condition suspected to have a genetic cause. Additionally, the test includes information on Drug Sensitivities (Pharmacogenomics) and, for adults, a full myGenome report.

Who is it for?

myGenome with Diagnostic Interpretation is for patients with a complex medical history or symptoms suggestive of a genetic condition, even if other genetic tests have shown a negative result. Patients may learn about genetic variants that explain signs and symptoms of their condition. Results can have implications for treatment decisions and outcomes, medical management options, as well as impact other family members. This product is available for adults (ages 18+) and children (with parental consent).

How does it work?

  1. The physician orders myGenome with Diagnostic Interpretation from Veritas Genetics
  2. The patient or guardian reviews and completes the Informed Consent Form with the physician
  3. The physician provides the patient’s clinical and family histories to the Veritas clinical team
    for review
  4. The physician collects a blood sample and sends it to Veritas 
  5. Veritas sequences the sample in its CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory
  6. An expert, in-depth diagnostic interpretation based on the patient’s signs and symptoms
    is performed

Veritas will then provide the physician and the patient or guardian with the following customized reports:

  • Diagnostic Interpretation
  • Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
  • Full myGenome Standard or Premium report (adults only)


It is highly recommended that biological parental samples be tested when available as they can be helpful to interpret the patient’s genomic data. Please note: parental sample analysis is included in the test price, but a separate parental report is not provided.

New Patient:

  • $2,599 (with myGenome Standard interpretation service)
  • $3,599 (with myGenome Premium interpretation service) 

Existing myGenome Customers:

  • $2,000

Additional family member samples (blood relatives):

  • Please contact us (below) for additional cost