We sequence your whole genome to help you improve your health, longevity, and much more.
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Why sequence your genome?

Veritas myGenome gives you insights into your health, lifestyle traits, family history, and more.

Understand your
disease risks

myGenome provides insights relevant to you from over 100 inherited diseases in categories including:

  • ACMG endorsed actionable disorders
  • Cancers
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Immune disorders
  • Endocrine & metabolic disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Organ health or multisystem disorders
  • Reproductive / Carrier
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Insights to live healthier, longer

We look at traits related to

  • Athleticism (incl. aerobic capacity (VO2max), muscle strength)
  • Behavior & Cognition (incl. memory, snacking behavior)
  • Blood sugar (incl. blood sugar, fasting glucose)
  • Cardiovascular (incl. blood pressure, HDL/LDL cholesterol)
  • Hormones (incl. menopause age, testosterone levels)
  • Immune System (incl. IL6 levels, norovirus resistance)
  • Longevity (incl. telomere length)
  • Metabolism (incl. diet response, weight gain, weight response to exercise)
  • Nutrition & Diet (incl. lactose intolerance, omega-6, omega-3)
  • Physical Appearance (incl. BMI, body weight, childhood growth)
  • Sensory Perception (incl. nearsightedness (myopia), pain sensitivity)
  • Substance Reaction (incl. alcohol flush reaction, caffeine metabolism)
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Family plan, with confidence

myGenome provides you with insights about your family history and inherited diseases. Learn if you are a carrier of a genetic condition and what you could pass on to your children. In addition, our genetic counselors will help you understand your results.

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What do you get?

  1. A detailed report with your personal results, accessible from your computer or your smartphone, including:
    • Health related insights
    • Lifestyle trait related insights
    • Information whether you are a carrier for certain conditions, or not
    • Ancestry and other traits
  2. Recommendations on topics you may want to discuss with your physician
  3. Lifestyle suggestions (for example, certain aspects of your diet)
  4. A follow up with our genetic counselors for clinically relevant findings (ACMG59 and certain APOE variants)

How to get started

  1. Order your myGenome test online
  2. We obtain your doctor's order form.
  3. We send you a saliva-collection kit to collect your DNA sample
  4. You send your sample back to our lab
  5. We process your sample in our CLIA-certified lab and generate a report, available on your smartphone.
  6. You review your results with your physician or one of our genetic counselors, if desired

Are you ready to sequence your genome and improve your health, longevity, and more?

Now, only $999.


  • Whole genome sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq X10 system
  • Average 30X coverage (industry standard depth)
  • Coverage includes over 40,000 genes and important regulatory regions
  • Performed in a CLIA laboratory (CLIA ID: 22D2089381)
  • Interpretation and reporting of variants associated with thousands of non-clinical and clinical traits, including key variants in the ACMG 59 and other important genes
  • Interpretation and reporting reviewed by our expert medical staff

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