What Can You Get for $599? (or, I Paid How Much for What?!)

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Most of us would agree that $599 is no small change, especially if you’ve got a mortgage, student loan debt, or kids. 

The thing is, we all spend money on treats and comforts, and the cost of those fleeting luxuries can add up quickly.

Consider this. For $599, you can get any of the following:

What can you get for $599 examples

OR you can…

Get your whole genome sequenced and discover potentially life-changing health insights that could affect you, your children, and your whole family.

If that’s not enough to convince you how invaluable Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) can be, did you know that:*

  • 5% of our customers receive at least 1 “Very Important” (aka urgent) clinical result
  • 50% receive carrier results
  • 89% receive risk results

What’s more, if you become sick, you can take a deeper dive with our diagnostic interpretation.

And, since we believe how we talk about science matters as much as science itself, we designed our myGenome report to be as straightforward and understandable as possible. Your clinical, carrier, and risk results are color-coded and presented in order of importance:

Veritas myGenome online report results importance

If your test reveals a “Very Important” clinical result, one of our board certified and licensed genetic counselors will call you to explain the finding. This type of result should be discussed immediately with your doctor to determine next steps. Medical intervention — ranging from additional exams and tests, to lifestyle and medication changes, to surgery — may be necessary.

Veritas myGenome online report clinical section

Carrier results indicate that you ‘carry’ a gene variant associated with a condition, but aren’t at risk of getting the disease yourself. However, your children (existing or future) may be at risk if your partner is also a carrier. It’s important to discuss these results with a qualified healthcare professional for family planning purposes (and maybe even with potential partners).

Veritas myGenome online report carrier section

Risk results identify gene variants that signify susceptibility to certain conditions, but are not expected to cause disease on their own. Other genetic variants, environmental factors, and lifestyle considerations may have a bearing on the likelihood of you getting the disease. Risk results allow you and your doctor to adjust how your health is monitored and discuss prevention options and related lifestyle choices.

Veritas myGenome online report risk section

Our optional diagnostic interpretation service can provide a huge advantage if you have symptoms that imply a genetic condition, or if you have a complex medical history, like certain conditions in your past or your family’s. You may learn about genetic variants that explain your signs and symptoms, and your results could influence treatment decisions and have ramifications for relatives.

And that’s just part of the story of why our myGenome products are widely considered the gold standard of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). Other notable bells and whistles include in-house expert interpretation by ABMGG (American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics)-certified  laboratory directors, plus CLIA certification and CAP accreditation.

Your genome is your personal health baseline. It’s a powerful resource that can help you make more informed health decisions at every stage of life.

So, why not treat yourself to your genome and make a lasting investment in you and your family?

*Based on a cohort of 538 completed reports.

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