As pioneers in consumer genetics, we support healthcare professionals in helping their patients proactively manage their disease risk.

We offer healthcare professionals industry-leading genetic tests and genome sequencing solutions.

  • WGS gold standard 30X on Illumina HiSeq x10 System
  • Samples processed in a CLIA-certified laboratory.
  • Strict adherence to HIPAA regulations
  • One stop sequencing solutions and global logistics
  • Turnkey, rapid implementation solution

Services for healthcare professionals

We offer physicians a simple, easy to use process
Setup & Account Management

Simple process to create and manage your personal account

Test Ordering

Capability to order individual tests and/or in batches for different locations

Sample Collection

Kits with clear instructions on how to collect samples


Easy to use portal to access and print individual reports or in batches


Email and phone support

The highest technical standards

All tests run in a clinically validated laboratory following strict adherence to CLIA guidelines.

Targeted diagnostic testing

  • Analytical sensitivity and specificity over 99.9%
  • In validation studies, 100% reproducibility and repeatability across runs and operators with no false positives and negatives detected
  • Proprietary bioinformatics pipeline and variant assignment workbench used for data analysis
  • Most complete variant databases based on concordance among multiple clinical labs and curated and annotated by a physician

Whole genome sequencing

  • Illumina HiSeqX system (x10 system), with an average of 30X coverage
  • Purified DNA, integrity check by gel electrophoresis for high molecular weight DNA and degradation
  • PCR-free sequencing library preparation for more accurate results.

Fast-track start-up for healthcare practices

Anywhere in the world.

Genetic testing based on U.S. regulations

  • Available for Veritas’ breakthrough myGenome as well as all current and future targeted genetic tests including myBRCA, myBRCA HiRisk, myPrenatal, myNewborn and myCarrier.
  • Includes sample kits, sequencing, interpretation and reporting services
  • One-stop Account Portal for adding patients, placing orders, approving tests, tracking patient progress, and viewing reports

Designed to support physician-patient relationship.

  • Notifications and monitoring to track sample progress
  • Results reported to the healthcare practice

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