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Customer Testimonials

The Genome Company

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We can tell you time and again how awesome we are, but it’s much more meaningful when our customers tell you. Here are some real Veritas customers sharing their thoughts in their own real words. For real.

Do their glowing comments mean we’re perfect? Of course not! There are things we’re continuously working to improve. We have zero interest in resting on our laurels. But, we are proud to be making a positive impact on people’s lives. Check out the testimonials below to hear how myGenome is helping people feel empowered to make proactive, informed health decisions for themselves and their families.

And, if you’re a real Veritas customer with something to say, click below to share your experience. The more, the merrier!

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kim customer testimonial headshot

"What are you passing on to your kids and grandkids? Your genes aren’t just about you. We baby boomers should be responsible and leave valuable information behind. Think about it like estate planning."

– Kim, 60, New Hampshire, Retired Lawyer

Larry customer testimonial headshot

"I want to be on the vanguard, I’m empowering myself by learning about my genes and making health decisions based on my personal genetics."

– Larry, 47, Father of three, San Diego

Zoe customer testimonial headshot

"I didn’t learn anything significant from that other test, but sequencing my genome showed I had one of those serious things, and it changed how my doctor is treating me."

– Zoe, 48, Entrepreneur, San Francisco

William customer testimonial headshot

"The whole experience was really fascinating. It’s good to get an impression of where your abilities are coming from and also what risks you may face in the future."

– William Trubridge, 37, Freediving World Champion, New Zealand

Anthony customer testimonial headshot

"The myGenome report helps me fill gaps in understanding my own health and well-being, and gives me the power to be proactive."

– Anthony, 41, Designer

Chris customer testimonial headshot

"I'm impressed by the style and quality of your report. I like how you present the most important and impactful results upfront. I haven't seen anything like it from other genetic testing companies."

– Chris Hopkins, 51, Chief Scientific Officer & Blogger, Utah

All of the above are authentic quotes from the actual Veritas customers described. Some were shared in authorized customer interviews; some were sent without any prompting from us via email or other means. Out of respect for our customers’ privacy, we use first names only. The customers have approved the quotes and either supplied a real photo for us to use or gave us permission to represent them with a stylized stock photo.