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Curious about genetics?


Genetics used to be for scientists.

We’ve come a long way. In fact, it took over ten years, more than 20 labs and about $3 billion to sequence the first human genome. But the story of genetics starts long before that.


Gregor Mendel Publishes “Experiments on Plant Hybridization

The Czech friar, abbot, and scientist Gregor Mendel establishes the rules of heredity through hundreds of experiments with pea plants.


Structure of DNA Discovered

James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins are awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering the structure of DNA – based on work by Raymond Gosling and Rosalind Franklin.


The first whole human genome map is completed.

The first whole human genome map is completed. The effort takes 10 years, 20 labs and $3B dollars.


Veritas Genetics announces the $999 Genome.

Veritas announces myGenome, whole genome sequencing and interpretation for $999 available to consumers and physicians.

This is the Era of the Genome

Previously, the genome was something only a few scientists could access.
Today, People can get valuable and useful insights based on their genetic data.

But not all genetic tests are the same.

See the difference See the difference

With whole genome sequencing, you can make better life decisions.