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Explore the world of whole genome sequencing. $999 in the US*.

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If you're here, chances are you're like us: bold, curious and forward-thinking. We're excited to help you figure out what all this genetics and whole genome sequencing talk actually means.

We like to think of learning about your DNA as a journey — your journey. You'll need a guide, and that's why we're here. Take a look at this product sheet to start. If you are ready to order, click below:

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If you still have questions or concerns, read on. We will start by answering the basics.

* For pricing information outside the US, please contact or 781-325-4967.

What actions can I take?

Adjust your lifestyle

  • Work with your physician and genetic counselor to come up with an approach to health that may mitigate your risk for certain conditions.

Check your medicine cabinet

  • Ensure your physician is aware of your genetically-influenced response to certain pharmaceuticals when prescribing medications.

Talk with your loved ones

  • You share your genes with your family. Talk to them about your findings.


Important things to keep in mind.

We strongly recommend you take the time to go through these short videos. They contain important information that you should consider when making this decision. We know a lot of videos out there can be a bit boring...but we promise we made these as simple, clear and fun as possible. 

Sequencing your genome will give you and your doctor useful and actionable insights, but that is just the beginning.

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Why take the first step in this journey?

Whole genome sequencing is a powerful tool for your health at every stage in life. Whether you are an active athlete in your 20s, starting a family in your 30s or getting ready to retire, your report will contain insights that can help you and your physician make smarter choices. 

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Adjust your lifestyle and improve your overall care plan.  

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You are not alone: "As genetic counselors, we help people understand their DNA." — Rebecca Hodges, Senior Genetic Counselor

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Over time, as genomic research unlocks new information, we can refer back to your genome and give you more insights.