Introducing Our At-Home
Pharmacogenomics Test

With 95% of the population having at least 1 actionable pharmacogenetic variant, offering PGx testing can help improve prescription confidence and health outcomes.

About Our PGx Test

Our Pharmacogenomics (PGx) test provides important information on variants within 25 genes which may affect response to drugs across three major drug categories – pain, psychiatric, and cardiovascular. The personalized information provided with this PGx test offers insights into an individual’s genotype that may influence their metabolism of drugs, which can be used by their clinician to help improve efficacy of medications, avoid potential adverse drug reactions, promote adherence to medications and decrease overall cost of healthcare.

What you get

Analysis 25 Genes
Covered Medications Over 100 across 30+ classes
Collection Method Cheek swab
Online Results 7-10 Business Days

How it works


Independent physicians will approve each order prior to sending the test kit to the individual’s home


The individual will complete the sample collection from home with our care team available to support

Back to lab

The individual will use the pre-paid return label included in the kit to send the sample back to our laboratory


Results are available online within 7-10 days, with a downloadable PDF report for the individual to share the report with their prescribing physician


Our clinical team provides pharmacogenetic consultations to help individuals understand their testing results

Designed for individuals.
Scalable for organizations.

Our easy-to-use PGx testing solution offers the opportunity to improve population health outcomes and reduce health costs by optimally identifying prescription risk prior to starting a medication regime.

Our tailored, at-home PGx testing solutions and clinical aftercare are available for employers, payors, providers, and the public sector.

If you are interested in our PGx test for you or for your organization, please fill out this form.

    Veritas is now a LetsGetChecked company

    In October 2021, LetsGetChecked acquired Veritas Genetics Inc., a pioneer in genomics that shares a scalable platform enabling the rapid interpretation of genetic information from a single gene to the whole genome. Through this powerful combination, LetsGetChecked adds whole-genome sequencing to its at-home diagnostics and virtual care offering, enabling actionable genetic insights to help identify a personalized customer care journey, guided by clinical experts.