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We are all hopeful for a better and brighter future.

All too often, we are promised a future with new whiz-bang technologies that will make our lives easier, better, and more efficient. From hover boards to self-driving cars (what happened to flying cars?) to a cancer-free world. But, most of the time, the future doesn’t come fast enough. And when it does, it tends to be far from the perfection we imagined.
For a while now, we have been promised the $1,000 genome, something that not too long ago wasn’t too far off from the futuristic vision of flying cars. After all, it took 10 years and $2.7 billion to sequence the first human genome. The idea that you and I can have our own, full genetic information at our fingertips for less than $1,000 seemed a dream indeed.
Now that it is here, we’re realizing that the real question all along shouldn’t have been “When will we have the $1,000 genome?” but rather “What will we do with it once we have it?”
It’s as if we have just ran an incredible race and barreled across the finish line, only to discover that we merely passed the first mile marker in a long marathon.
Our team has spent many years in this nascent space to bring us the future. Since 2005, our scientific founders have been researching, developing new technologies, sequencing, and interpreting genomes as leaders of Harvard Medical School’s Personal Genome Project. We think the time is now. We know the time is now. We can deliver abundant useful information that could better your life by giving you access to whole genome sequencing and interpretation.
In this future, your genome becomes your ultimate personalization profile for everyday things that interact with your body. Soon, we will be carrying a personal genome card, with information that will help us select the right food, fitness routines, and personal care products based on our unique DNA. Every parent will know the inherited genetics that could put their children at greater risk for injury or health conditions. Your genome, and how it interacts with environmental factors, will also help you maximize the longevity of your body and your mind.
The genome is now an asset like we’ve never experienced before: a 100% personalized source of information that you can and will go back to throughout your life to answer questions that, right now, we have yet to even think about.
Starting today, we can stop guessing about our health, our bodies, our nutrition, and many other things that today seem like a black medical box. Of course, this future does not all hinge on the genome. It will come from people rethinking the potential of their lifestyle and health decisions and changing the conversation with their doctors from reactive to proactive.
So today, as we begin our lives together in the new era of genetics, I challenge you to rethink the significance of this moment. To move past the question “How will knowing my genome change my life?” … to “How will I change my life by knowing my genome?”
The future starts now. Go live in the know™.
Mirza is a serial biotech entrepreneur. He previously served as CEO of AbVitro Inc., ran Solmap Pharma, and was Head of Corporate Development at FORMA Therapeutics. He leads Veritas’ mission of driving global accessibility to genomic information with the first service capable of eventually delivering millions of human genomes/year.

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