Industry Milestone: Genome Price Drops to $599

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rev-o-lu-tion-a-ry (adj.) involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

We first revolutionized the genetic testing industry in 2016 by breaking the $1,000 Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) barrier. Now, we’ve done it again, by dropping the price of myGenome from $999 to $599.

Why does a $599 genome matter?

  • It increases access for millions of consumers.
  • The more genomes sequenced, the more cutting-edge scientific insights we can provide to individuals (and their physicians) over their lifetime.
  • Changing the paradigm of how genomic information is delivered to individuals and their physicians will help society progress to a personal health model based on prevention.

For too long, you’ve had to settle for genotyping tests like 23andMe that are less expensive, but return limited information. In contrast, Whole Genome Sequencing transcends those limitations and greatly increases actionable discoveries.

And, this new consumer price (US-only) is for the same flagship myGenome product we’ve always offered – a WGS test that includes in-house expert interpretation by ABMGG-certified laboratory directors; a clinically-relevant, user-friendly report; and access to board-certified and licensed genetic counselors. It remains the most comprehensive genetic testing service there is.

“I’ve said Whole Genome Sequencing will replace all other genetic tests, because it is all genetic tests and much more. Now, we’re closer to realizing that seismic shift.”
– George Church, Veritas Co-founder & genomics pioneer

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve worked to establish a world-class genome interpretation engine by integrating internally-developed machine learning and AI tools, as well as external tools, including Google’s DeepVariant. We’ve built a trusted brand that offers the most comprehensive genetic testing service on the market and have proven consumer demand for that service exists, with price having been the key obstacle. 

This represents a landmark not only in the price of WGS, but in its consumer adoption. It will accelerate the integration of genomics into general health care and pave the way for exciting new opportunities that will deliver on the promise of the genome.

Revolutionary indeed.

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