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The world’s leading geneticists are converging in San Diego for the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting. This year’s event is showcasing some amazing new advances in genomics, and Microsoft Genomics has shared some exciting news updates.

To ensure that genomics researchers have access to a broad array of tertiary analysis and orchestrated cloud technology options, Microsoft is working with several new partners:  BizDataEagle GenomicsGenooxGentera BiotechnologyL7 InformaticsParabricksQiagen, and Veritas Genetics. We are all at ASHG 2018, sharing insights and demonstrating how our data tools and services will help broaden and deepen what researchers can achieve in genomics.

Why are we excited about this collaboration?

We are empowering researchers on the Azure platform with all the benefits of clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing and the open-source software Arvados. The Veritas Research team created Arvados to provide researchers with the most powerful tools to store, manage, and query genomic data in a distributed, federated model. The Arvados Federation includes close to 20 Petabytes of genomic data and is used by five leading global biopharmas and research institutes throughout the world. In addition, we are honored to be the first and only Whole Genome Sequencing full-service Microsoft partner.

“We are very excited to partner with Microsoft Genomics and utilize Whole Genome Sequencing and the Arvados platform to answer the most interesting and difficult questions in genomics. Running on Microsoft Azure, we can demonstrate the possibilities of genomic analyses at scale by taking advantage of Veritas’ sequencing capabilities and Arvados’ open-source federated platform bringing the analyses to data.”

– Ward Vandewege, VP of Engineering at Veritas Genetics

“This collaboration with Veritas Genetics enables us to help our customers scale genomics workloads globally by leveraging Veritas’s sequencing services and the Arvados open source platform. Arvados enables genomics data users to store, organize, process, and share genomic tools and data. This is in line with Microsoft’s mission to unlock biological insights and break data from silos for a truly personal understanding of human health.”

– Trent Norris, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Genomics

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