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Research Services

The Genome Company

The Veritas team includes experts from The Personal Genome Project at Harvard Medical School, led by our co-founder George Church. We are pioneers in affordable whole genome sequencing and integration of machine learning and A.I. into genomic and bio-medical data — and we extend those capabilities to researchers.

  • Services are HIPAA-compliant and conducted in a CLIA environment in Veritas’ laboratory in the United States.
  • Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Exome Sequencing is performed on HiSeq X Ten or NovaSeq 6000 NGS systems by Illumina.
  • Data may be provided as a FASTQ or BAM file, and delivered directly to a cloud or on-prem location.
  • Scalability: close to 10 petabytes of genomic data are already managed through our platform, Arvados, expected to exceed 100 petabytes by 2020.
  • Enhance study participation with Return of Results that individuals want. Reach out to our sales team to design positive community engagement.
  • Consider Veritas your trusted broker to enhance research studies with secure access to control data and samples to augment your studies.

In 2017, Veritas acquired Curoverse, Inc., developer of Arvados. Arvados is an open-source platform used by academic and corporate clients (including top biopharmas, biotech startups, and research institutions globally) to standardize and manage large scale genomics data globally and across clouds, while making it uniformly accessible for research and data mining.

We've deployed an installation of Arvados for evaluation and trial use, called the Arvados Playground. You can try it out by logging in with your Google account (for example, from Gmail or Google+).

Click below to download the Arvados Technology white paper.

download whitepaper

open source
  • open-source

Join an entire community of developers who are constantly improving the platform.

content addressable storage
  • content-addressable storage

Virtualized storage allows painless scaling on both local hardware or across multiple cloud environments.

use data where it already lives

Arvados can be supported on any major cloud provider, local HPC, or a hybrid configuration.

scale out architecture

Get ahead of your data bloat problems with automatic de-duplication and compute resource allocation.

multi cloud federation

Arvados moves the analysis to the data allowing you to compute on data from multiple locations without losing any metadata.

  • containers

Run your pipeline on any operating system, in any language, efficiently and securely.